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Wellmid 2119-1,One-component Adhesive,Bonding metal,composite materials
Wellmid 2119-1,One-component Adhesive,Bonding metal,composite materials

Detailed introduction:

Wellmid 2119-1 is a one-component,heat cure,high strength adhesive,with good toughness.Suitable for bonding Stainless steel,Magnet,Aluminum, Copper, Fiberglass reinforced plastics and Carbon fiber reinforced plastics.Mainly used for assembly of the industrial products.Moderate temperature curing, can reduce the high temperature damage the product.Instead AV119.

• Gap filling,non sagging up to 5mm thickness
• Excellent peel strength 
• Good chemical resistance
• Operating Temperature is -40 to 120°C
• High tensile shear strength over a broad temperature range


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