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Araldite2014-2,Thixotropic paste adhesive,Aerospace adhesive,Chemical resistance
Araldite2014-2,Thixotropic paste adhesive,Aerospace adhesive,Chemical resistance

Detailed introduction:

Old Edition Araldite2014-1
Araldite2014-2 is a two component, room temperature curing, thixotropic paste adhesive of high strength with good environmental and excellent chemical resistance.Used for bonding of metals, electronic components, GRP structures and many other items where a higher than normal temperature or more aggressive environment is to be encountered in service. The low out gassing makes this product suitable for specialist electronic telecommunication and aerospace applications.

.Grey paste
.High temperature and chemical resistance
.Low shrinkage
.Very resistant to water and a variety of chemicals
.Gap filling, non sagging up to 5mm thickness


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