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 AralditeAY103/HY991 Bonding Power transformers  AralditeAY103/HY991 Bonding of transformer laminations in large Power transformers.
 AralditeAW136/HY994 Bonding leaf springs  AralditeAW136/HY994 Bonding the"Bottoming Rubber"to GRE leaf springs for automobiles
 AralditeAV138M/HV998 Bonding CFR composite  AralditeAV138M/HV998 Bonding CFR composite for Formula one racing car aerofoils
 Araldite2015 Bonding Aircraft furnishings  Araldite2015 Bonding Aircraft interior furnishings
 Araldite2014 Bonding electric components  Araldite2014 Bonding Assembly of electric components(toroid mounts)
 AralditeAV138M/HV998 Bonding transformer  AralditeAV138M/HV998 Bonding transformer
 Araldite2055 Bonding window frame  Araldite2055 Bonding of window frame edges
 Araldite2055BondingSandwichPanels  Araldite2055 Bonding glass fibre reinforced sandwich panels
 Araldite2041 Bonding Truck Air Dam  Araldite2041 Bonding truck air dam supports
 Araldite2041 Bonding kayak paddle  Araldite2041 Bonding of shaft into blade of kayak paddle
 Araldite2040 Bonding bus structures  Araldite2040 Bond and seal onto painted aluminium bus structures
 Araldite2040 Bonding industrial containers  Araldite2040 Bonding bases to bodies of 275-gallon industrial containers
 Araldite2022 Metro passenger vehicle  Araldite2022 Reinforcement of Metro passenger vehicle under frames
 Araldite2021 Bonding Dyson Cyclone  Araldite2021 Bonding parts of Dyson Cyclone
 Araldite2018 Bonding Light bulbs  Araldite2018 Bonding parts of energy saving light bulbs